Welcome to the Newcastle Parks and Allotments Website

Newcastle Parks and Allotments Trust is an independent charity responsible for the management and upkeep of the city’s 33 parks and 64 allotment sites.

We officially started operating on 01 April 2019 as a new, innovative approach to securing the long-term future of Newcastle’s parks and allotments.

Working in partnership with the people of Newcastle, we will provide beautiful and vibrant spaces for visitors of all ages and backgrounds to visit.

Newcastle Parks and Allotments Trust is committed to improving the quality of the city’s parks and allotments by continually investing in them for the benefit of local communities. We will reinvest the income from the city’s parks to help ensure they are self-sustainable and always remain free to enter and enjoy.

Newcastle Parks and Allotments Trust will deliver:

  • Exciting events and venues; arts, cultural and educational activities, as well as opportunities for sport, exercise and play that support health and wellbeing and give local communities the chance to come together, get involved and be proud of where they live.
  • Activities, events and performances that bring new visitors to Newcastle’s shared spaces and encourage more people to access and enjoy the city’s parks and allotments.
  • Free to enter, safe and well-maintained parks and allotments for people all ages, communities and backgrounds to enjoy.

Newcastle Parks and Allotments Trust is committed to:

  •  Creating opportunities for local people to collaborate and improve the experience of visiting the city’s parks and allotments.
  • Building relationships and working closely with volunteers and groups who share a passion for Newcastle’s parks and allotments.
  • Protecting the environment and the city’s thriving wildlife population.
  • Welcoming the views of parks and allotment groups and users, and anyone else that wants to contribute to their future.
  • Working with partners to bring income and investment into Newcastle’s parks and allotments.

James Cross

As the founding Chief Executive of the Trust, I’m extremely excited about the future of the fantastic parks and allotments we are so lucky to have in our City.  There will be many opportunities for us to work together to ensure these fantastic assets are protected and improved.
The Newcastle Parks and Allotments Trust will work hard to deliver its charitable objectives but will do so collaboratively with residents, park users, Friends of Groups, volunteers and other important stakeholders.

Best Wishes,

James Cross
CEO, Newcastle Parks and Allotments Trust