Elswick Park

Elswick Park has a mixture of shrubbery, mature trees and grassed areas. The park plays a vital role in community life.

Opening times

Elswick Park is open at all times.


The park is located between Elswick Road, Westmorland Road and Beech Grove Road. 


Within the park is a children’s play area, tennis courts, basketball courts and a 5-a-side area.

Elswick Pool is also situated within the park. For more information, visit the Elswick Pool webpage.


Steps within the park are long and shallow. Two new footpaths have been installed with a shallower gradient making access for wheelchairs, prams and the elderly a lot easier. However, due to the topography of the park some paths are not accessible for wheelchair users. 

How to get to Elswick Park


The nearest bus stops are located on Elswick Road and Westmoreland Road.  


There is a public car park off Elswick Road, directly opposite the park and also a car park off Beech Grove Road.