Nuns Moor Park

Nuns Moor Park has a pleasant blend of formal and semi-natural features, such as grassed areas with shrubbery and trees which offer welcome shade in warm weather.

Opening times

The park is open at all times.


Nuns Moor Park is located in the west of Newcastle 1km from the city centre on the junction of Brighton Grove and Nuns Moor Road.


Within the park is a play area equipped with swings and spring toys.  

There are tennis facilities in the park.

There is a fixed net with free access for local people all year round.

The Nunsmoor Centre is an integral part of park life; this valuable facility offers a range of play activities which include arts and crafts, sports, games, music, drama, cookery, challenging activities, project work and special events. For more information, visit the Nunsmoor Centre webpage.


A network of paths allows full access around the park.

How to get to Nuns Moor Park


The nearest bus stop to the park is located on Brighton Grove and is served by the number 36 to Walker and number 12 to Central Station.


Nearest Metro Station is St James, next to St James Stadium.


Parking is available near to the park.